Garnet has been working for 20 years on the Italian and worldwide market and has exclusive representation of important manufacturers of components for automation, robotics and automotive.

Thanks to the solid experience on the field, Garnet offers technologically advanced solutions to improve machines and systems productivity and optimize energy efficiency.

The attention to the quick market evolution and the constant co-operation with his partners and customers allow Garnet to continuously work on products development such as motors and drivers, encoders and resolvers, ball resin ball screws, linear actuators and permanent magnets.

The presence of a qualified technical support allows Garnet to identify appropriate solutions for any application need.

Garnet Srl

Automation & Robotics

Via Ferdinando Magellano, 14
20863 Concorezzo (MB)


Phone: +39 039 6886158

  P.Iva: 13275630153

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