High torque step motors Tamagawa

High torque step motors Tamagawa

High torque step motors Tamagawa


The step motor converts electrical pulses into mechanical rotary movements. The hybrid 2-phase motors shift of an angular motion of 1.8° every time thet the polarity of the winding is changed and allow easy and accurate control of open-loop position and speed of any mechanical feed. They are suitable for use in a large variety of areas, including automation, robotics, automotive, medical, textile, as well as automatic machines, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

The stepper motors by Tamagawa are also applied in the following areas:
- Packaging machinery
- Machines for assembling
- Rotary Tables
- Machines for goldsmiths
- Machines for eyewear
- Robotics
- Electrical axis
- X,Y tables
- Cam positioners
- Palletizers
- Pointing Systems
- Actuators
- Equipment


- Bipolar and unipolar hybrid versions
- High torque versions
- 5-phase versions
- Possibility of coupling with incremental encoder, resolver and brake
- Available from size 8 (square flange 20mm) to size 42 (square flange 110mm)
- Holding torques from 0.04 Nm to 12Nm
- Versions with mechanical step angles of 0.9° and 0.45°


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