The new Garnet official website is online

The new Garnet official website is online

We are pleased to present the new Garnet official website!

GARNET.IT is now online with new features and a new look.
The new website has been designed for the best user experience, to allow a more fluid and satisfying navigation.

Following we mention only a few features, to let you the pleasure of discovering the other ones:
- The Garnet products catalog is now organized with categories, in order to make it easier to navigate and consult products of the same area, type or series.
- The internal search engine allows you to quickly find the product or the application you are looking for.
- An Application area has been introduced, where Garnet technicians will present insights on applications of our products.

To find out all the news by Garnet, we invite you to explore our new website and follow us on
We also would like to thank Publifarm, the agency that developed of the project, and all the partners that contributed to the final result.

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